New iPhone expectations could cause sales lull

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The expected demand for the newest iPhone – what tech pundits are referring to as the iPhone 5 – may cause a sales lull for Apple's current mobile phone line, according to International Business Times. For iPhone owners who are hanging on to a cracked iPhone for a few months longer until the new version releases, it may be worthwhile for them to obtain iPhone repair to make sure they have a functioning device until then.

“Although there has not been any official word from Apple about the device's features, the Cupertino-based tech giant is highly expected to incorporate significant modifications to the handset to attract customers in a bid to get the top spot in the smartphone industry back from its arch rival Samsung,” according to the news source.

Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves said shipment forecasts for June have fallen to 25.3 million from 27.2 million. September has fallen from 25.9 million to 22.2 million.

Users waiting for this new device should take a look at what iPhone repair can do for their smartphone. It may even make it easier to sell once the new iPhone is released.

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