New iPhone 5 users discover it scratches easily

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The aluminum case on the iPhone 5 may look pretty at first, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way, according to some early user reports. Several news outlets reported that users have seen scuffing soon after opening their iPhones or, in many cases, right out of the box.

Although the anodized aluminum case allowed Apple to build a lighter, sleeker iPhone, it is also a softer material than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 4 and 4S, AllThingsD noted. The wear appears to be more visible on black models than white ones, and it tends to result in shiny scratches where the anodized surface wears away.

In an informal poll on the MacRumors forum, more than 45 percent of 1,323 respondents reported their phone was scuffed straight out of the box or shortly afterward. AllThingsD noted several other complaint threads had popped up on the Apple website, and some users were returning their phones for models in better condition.

The scuffing problem is just one indication that iPhones can easily suffer all sorts of damage. Fortunately, with iPhone repair from iResQ, they are also easily fixed and restored to that brand new look.

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