New iPads to have more power than Minis

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The latest generations of the iPad and iPad Mini will be coming out soon, which has many people wondering what differences in hardware will be between the two. CNET's Scott Stein stated that users don't have to look any further than the latest releases of the iPhone 5S and 5C to guess what they might be.

One difference will be in the processor. The iPhone 5S received an A7X processing unit, while the 5C got the A6. Expect the iPad and iPad mini to have that same split processing configurations, as even last year's models of the two differed in power – the iPad 4 had an A6 unit, while the Mini only got the A5.

The newest iPad should also have all of the newer features that the 5S has.These include the fingerprint scanner technology and 64-bit computing, while the Mini will have things like color casting, much like the 5C. The added features for the upcoming iPad generation could tip people back toward buying more full sized iPads than Minis, which outpaced the fourth-generation iPad in sales last year.

Apple has also been playing around with the idea of a larger screen for its iPad, which could create more surface area for cracks to happen, requiring iPad repair. Rumors of this iPad Maxi surfaced early in 2013, but were quelled quickly. However, it appears the rumors are coming back, according to John Brownlee of Cult of Mac.

These rumors come from the Japanese Apple site Macotakara, which stated that the iPad Maxi, which would feature a 12.9-inch screen, now has a partner to help with manufacturing. Quanta, who is already an Apple supplier, is working with the company to produce it. These larger iPads would theoretically be available sometime in 2014, but many are still unsure that this idea is feasible.

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