New iPad’s big competition? The old iPad

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Are you a fan of the new iPad, but not enough of one to justify the price tag? Then, you've got a lot in common with other Americans. According to a report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, although the new iPad has been a big seller, the iPad 2 accounts for 41 percent of all iPad purchases.

So while the new iPad has some cool new features, many consumers are opting to purchase or hang on to older generations rather than upgrade to the new model. Considering how advanced iPad repair services have become, it's not really surprising that people may be trying to find ways to extend the life of their older units.

“This report includes the first analysis of how well the New iPad has done since the March 2012 launch, with some interesting and unexpected results,” said Josh Lowitz, CIRP partner and co-founder said. “Some early anecdotes speculated that the iPad 2 would continue to sell well, and we now see that using data on actual consumer behavior.”

Forbes said the strong sales for iPad 2 means trouble for non-iPad tablet makers, as with sales this strong, customers seem to prefer a less expensive Apple product to a newer version of a less expensive alternative tablet.

No matter what version of the iPad someone has, there's always a way to keep it going a little longer with a great iPad repair option.

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