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(AnnouncementiResQ has officially launched repairs for the new iPad.  You saw it here first folks. If your new iPad has a cracked screen, we are the first ones out their offering the repair. Read below for more details.)


The new iPad is out. The new iPad is about. People are excited about it and people are not.  Over the course of the past few days I’ve seen people rave about the new iPad’s features, its beautiful display, and lightning fast LTE network connectivity.  At the same time I’ve seen people rant about how the new iPad is nothing more than a mildly updated iPad 2 that does not justify the purchase of a new one.    Love it or hate it, the new iPad (or iPad 3, or iPad HD) is here and people lined up for it overnight including our guy, the Woz.

Last year when the iPad 2 came out, we saw an order placed for an iPad 2 Screen Repair a mere day after its release.  It was that quick.  Excited, jittery hands simply couldn’t manage to keep hold of the brand new iPad.  Luckily, our technicians were able to repair the new iPad 2 and get it back to its owners hands faster than you can recite the Gettysburg Address (roughly speaking).    Now that the new 2012 version of the iPad is out, how long will it take for us to see a broken one? One day? Two? Three?  I have confidence that we will see one within a week.

In case you break your new iPad sooner than you thought, visit our new iPad (2012) repair page.  We’ll be filling it up with repairs very similar to the iPad 2 so keep a lookout. As of now we have digitizer and glass repairs available. Check it out:

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (BLACK)

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (WHITE)

We’ll add more repair services so hang tight. If you don’t see what you need on the repair list, you can always place an order for a free iPad diagnostic. We’ll give you a free price quote.

Folks, you saw it here first. Remember that.

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