New iPad estimated to cost $1.36 per year to charge

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Charging the iPad is a necessity, but according to a new study, it doesn't have to be a necessary evil. While other electronic devices and larger computers could end up being a huge power suck for power bills, a new study by the Electric Power Research Institute shows that charging the new iPad only costs about $1.36 each year. People with iPads that don't hold a charge anymore should look into iPad repair to get the device working properly again.

The EPRI conducted the survey to see how the influx of new devices would impact power consumption. But unlike many HDTVs, PCs and other newer electronics, the new iPad only costs pennies per day to charge.

“As information technologies continue to change rapidly we see important implications for energy consumption,” said EPRI Vice President of Power Delivery and Utilization Mark McGranaghan, according to AppleInsider. “These results raise important questions about how the shifting reliance from desktop to laptop to mobile devices will change energy use and electricity requirements for the information age. “

People who have forgotten their iPads on a shelf somewhere in their home because they can't get it to charge anymore, should wipe off the dust and get it shipped out to a respectable iPad repair company. The best repair services offer free quotes and diagnostics and pride themselves on quick returns.

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