New iPad Air commercial puts consumer above product

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Apple is no stranger to slick designs with an eye toward unparalleled aesthetic beauty, and its newest commercial for the iPad Air is no exception. The commercial, titled “Your Verse Anthem,” is not so much an advertisement for the product as a 90-second immersive poetic experience.

The TV spot features an expository narration from Robin Williams, though the audio wasn't recorded exclusively for the commercial – instead, it comes from the 1989 film “Dead Poet's Society.” As Williams talks about how “the human race is filled with passion,” the ad shows people engaged in various pursuits including playing instruments, climbing mountains, researching and even chasing tornadoes. What unites these disparate activities is the presence of the new iPad Air – sometimes in the center, sometimes in the periphery, and sometimes only implied. Nowhere in the commercial is the iPad or its features explicitly mentioned. Instead, we get Williams quoting Walt Whitman as he tells the viewer that “you may contribute a verse” to the grand narrative of human existence.

With the commercial, it seems Apple isn't selling the iPad air as a product, but as a way of life. Be sure that all your iPad repair needs are met so that you too may “contribute a verse.”

1984: Changing the ad game 

This isn't the first time Apple has made an impact with a unique marketing strategy. Its most famous foray into unorthodox ads came before Apple even had a popular product on the market. Aired during the 1984 SuperBowl, Apple's first Macintosh ad presented an Orwellian dystopia literally shattered by the debut of the Macintosh computer and the promise that, “You'll see why 1984 won't be like '1984'.”

And in the 1990s, Apple launched its iconic “Think different” campaign, with that slogan posted over pictures of historical game-changers like Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King.

Apple's ads have always been more about people than product, and with this most recent commercial it looks like that strategy isn't changing under current CEO Tim Cook.

Meeting repair needs

Even with its grand debut and almost unanimously positive reviews, you still may run into issues with your iPad Air that require attention. According to a Fixya report, screen issues represent 25 percent of problems with the iPad Air. Users have said that grey or yellow lines sometimes cut across the screen. This is a malfunction. If your screen displays similar problems you may need iPad screen repair.

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