New iPad 2 Repair Services and Price Drops

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Hi all.  We’ve been super busy over here fixing every Apple product you can think of.  Personally, I have been really busy gearing up for next week’s Apple press conference.   As you know by now we have quite a few new iPhone 5 repair parts and we have decided to share them with the masses.  But the iPhone 5 is not the purpose of this post. I wanted to talk to you about a plethora of new repair services we have added for the iPad 2 in addition to a pricecut across the board on all iPad 2 repairs!









We have added iPad repair services for the following:


Wifi Antenna

3G Antenna

SIM Reader

Front Camera

Back Camera


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There you have it!  A slew of new iPad 2 Repairs. We have tons of new repair services to introduce to you in the VERY near future, including iPad Gen 3 and  iPhone 5 repair services!

Stay tuned.

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