New documentary talks about the iPod’s ability to change lives

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A clip from the documentary “Alive Inside” took the internet by storm and reminded everyone who watched what kind of power music has. The documentary includes a video of an elderly man in a nursing home who experiences feelings of love and romance after listening to music from his childhood.

We've all felt the impact of music at some point in our lives, and it'd be a shame to let a broken iPod be the reason you can't relive positive moments in your life. Fortunately, you can get affordable iPod repair so you can listen to memorable tunes and share a similar experience as the elderly man in the documentary.

If you were moved by the clip, you may want to see what you can do to help out Dan Cohen, a social worker, who is looking to raise money through a Kickstarter fund to have the full documentary released to the public.

“I saw that iPods were ubiquitous – everyone has one – but that there were none in nursing homes,” Cohen told me when we spoke last week. “We talk about digitally bypassed people, sometimes, but old people are the extreme. …I personalized the music to what people like, or what they knew when they were young. Every couple of weeks I’d pull off songs they didn’t like and add ones they did.”

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