New Apple store opens in Turkey

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In a previous post  we talked about Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in early June. The event will thrust the tech leader into the spotlight and give the usually covert company an opportunity to be transparent about its developments. But despite its efforts at secrecy, there is one thing Apple can't hide: how cool its stores are. And a new Apple Store in Turkey is no exception.

Instanbul welcomes an Apple Store
It is almost impossible to imagine that there are countries without Apple stores. Fortunately, there are other stores that handle iPhone repair needs, so at least people can get their cell phones serviced. Still, it just seems like the countries without Apple stores are missing out. Fortunately for Turkey, it does not have to be one of those countries anymore.

The Zorlu Center mall in Instanbul became a flurry of activity recently as patrons waited for Turkey's first Apple Store to open its doors, according to Cihan. The store was not slated to open until 10 a.m., but eager spectators had begun forming a line more than 12 hours earlier. Because the store is the first of its kind in the nation, the grand opening attracted citizens from all over the country. When they stepped foot in the underground mall where the store is housed, they doubtless felt it was worth the trip.

An aesthetic glass construction
Despite opening across the world, the store has garnered headlines in the U.S. for its unique construction. The first image to raise eyebrows was an Instagram post showing the store in advance of its opening. Situated in an underground shopping center, the store is comprised of a seamless glass construction, making it appear almost invisible. Of course, given that it's an Apple Store, it will likely be anything but that.

A successful opening
A series of videos documenting the store opening on CNN Money show that it was, in fact, a smashing success. Like most Apple events, the Instanbul store opening seemed less like a tech debut and more like a rock concert. In one user-posted video, a new batch of blue-shirted employees can be seen giving out high-fives and joining hands as the attendant crowd cheers. Another video shows the hundreds of people spilling throughout the shopping mall, waiting for a chance to step inside the new tech hub. As with all Apple retail spots, products lined the tables waiting to be tested out.

Gary Allen of ifo​ Apple Store provided more details based on his firsthand experience. “The compact, two-level store is topped by a first-ever rectangular 'lantern' composed of four single panes of glass and a white roof,” he explained, adding that a water fountain also adorns the store.

The debut of the store will doubtless increase sales of Apple devices in Turkey. But as with all users, Turkish customers will have to be mindful and treat their items with care – or risk a trip to a cell phone repair shop.

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