New Apple platform will allow devices to get emergency alerts

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People who may not think it's important to get iPhone repair on their broken device may want to remember all that these gadgets have to offer. For example, it is being reported that through the new iOS 6 platform, the government will be able to deliver national emergency alerts right to a user's iPhone or any other iOS device.

“This is big news,” according to Emergency Management. “A number of other manufacturers have already adapted their mobile devices so they receive WEA messages…so, the stage has been set for a consistently growing number of people in the U.S. to have capability to receive alerts from local, state, and federal officials through the initiative led by FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System program.”

The National Weather Service will also start using Wireless Emergency Alerts by the end of this month, so users of these devices will be able to see if there any weather emergencies on the horizon.

With services like this on the horizon, iPhone repair is a must for any user who has a malfunctioning phone. It may help save a life or at least keep a family alert of dangers that may be lurking.

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