New Apple patent could spell good things for iPhone repairs

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Phones are dropped and broken all the time. We at iResQ should know! While there have been many technological advances in different models of Apple devices over the years, some might argue that the changes that have been made in design do not always equate with more durable gadgets. However, recent news suggests that this trend will be changing moving forward.

Apple has come up with a new idea that could help device owners protect their iPhones. Apple recently published a patent application called “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device,” which suggests different ways that a iPhone can be protected by controlling where it lands, how it falls or possibly even slowing down the speed of its descent. While the patent has been officially filed, Capital Technologies reported that the actual work involved in creating the technology that would allow this has actually not been started yet.

“In one of these method[s], the on-board sensors would detect how far and how fast the phone is falling and reorient its position,” Capital Technologies chief editor Heidi Smith wrote. “This will make the phone rotate in mid-air making it land on a more durable spot, like an edge or back ultimately protecting fragile parts like the display.”

The iPhone's foray into widespread business analytics
The news of the patent application filing has already caused quite a storm in the media, with numerous sources putting their own spin on the possibilities that could emerge from this development. IGN's Lauren Hockenson explained that the patent also includes black-box style technology, which would record data about a device's fall such as how fast it was going and the distance it fell. As Hockenson noted, this could mean that future iPhone models would have technology built in that people can use as a resource to determine if damage that occurred during an accident caused the company's warranty to be violated.

If our crystal ball is working properly here at iResQ, we'd have to say that at the very least, this could lead to the emergence of a few very interesting tech innovations in the coming years. However, history has shown us that even the very best tech is not foolproof. Whether you drop and break your device tomorrow or years from now, iResQ's iPhone repair services can get things back to working order in no time.

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