New Apple iPad app gives 3-D photo wall

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For those eagerly anticipating the release of a great 3-D app for their iPad, TechCrunch says the wait is over. Cooliris has a new app for the Apple tablet, which the website said “really works.” People with a broken device that have been waiting for something like this should take a look at iPad repair to get their tablet back up and running again.

“With the new app, live now in the iTunes App Store, Cooliris has introduced a tool that aggregates photos from various online services and local photos, and allows you to view them all within one interface,” the news source said of the app. “This is not a new idea, to be clear. … But what all of them are lacking is that gee-whiz factor that Cooliris knows how to deliver from years of work in building 3D-like applications.”

TechCrunch said the app isn't just designed for browsing, as it allows people to share their photos via email as well. Updates may soon make it possible for people to share pictures on social media, too.

Cooliris said this website also allows users to shake the iPad to get any picture as a random new cover photo as well as rotate the iPad to see more new content. Those waiting for iPad repair may want to make the service call quick so they can take full advantage of cool new apps.

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