New app turns waking up into a game

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  • Smartphones have faithfully served as alarm clocks for millions of people. It hasn't made anybody less prone to hitting the snooze button. But a new app has some people saying “you snooze, you lose.”
  • Or, at least that's how CNET writer Leslie Katz described Unsnooze, a new app released by Philips for the iPhone. The app is free, but is currently only available in Nordic countries, where Unsnooze is being used as a marketing tool for Philips products designed to wake up sun-deprived customers with light and sound therapy. 
  • “To play, sleepyheads invite friends or strangers to set their alarm clocks to wake up together,” Katz writes of the game. “Then everyone competes to hit the alarm button first. Whoever wakes up first wins and rises on the Unsnooze chart.”
  • Katz believes that if the app sees enough success overseas, it could end up making an appearance in the U.S. App Store.
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