New Android update causing problems on Galaxy S4 devices

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The latest Android update, 4.3, just began to roll out to Samsung handsets around the world. However, it has been pulled just as quickly as it rolled out due to issues with the Galaxy S4​ devices. Android Authority reported that AT&T and Samsung are reviewing the pulled update to work out any bugs that may be associated with it.

Android 4.3 was set to be one of the best mobile operating systems yet. However, some owners were reporting issues with the update, although a few have been using it without any problems. According to the source, there is no definitive timetable for the updated release. It's also interesting to note that this is the second time in a month that Samsung had to pull 4.3, first doing so when problems emerged in Korean and U.K. Galaxy S3 devices.

AndroidPIT contributor Kris Carlson discussed some of the issues that S4 owners were having with the new update. A few major problems that were reported included reduced battery life, Wi-Fi connection and login issues, slowed device performance and text messaging issues.

Although these haven't been reported by all Galaxy S4 owners, the large majority of them have had a problem with the Android update. It hasn't been limited to just one carrier either, as devices sold by AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have all had issues with the rollout. Carlson advised users to wait for any patch to come out and make sure that there are no bugs in the new version.

“The moral of the story is clear though: if you've got a Galaxy S4, do not install the update until you know that a patch has been issued and that early adopters are reporting an improvement,” Carlson wrote.

Should any Galaxy S4 user experience any issues not related to the update, send the device to iResQ, where technicians can take care of any Samsung cell phone repair.

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