My MacBook Pro Won’t Charge

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What do you do with a MacBook Pro that won’t charge? Well, the first thing you should do is check the basics, then make sure there aren’t any fixable issues with your laptop. If these all check out, it might be time to bring your device to us.

Check the Basics

Your problem with a non-charging MacBook Pro could be a very simple fix, so simple in fact that it could make you smack your forehead with frustration. We’ll give you a few quick solutions here.

  • Is your MacBook itself plugged in and is the charger connected properly? Remember, MacBook chargers now come in two parts and you need both to charge your laptop. Unplug each of these and then plug them back in.
  • Check to make sure the wall socket you’re plugged into is turned on (sometimes these can be controlled by a light switch).
  • Check to see if the MagSafe connection port is clean, free of dust, and isn’t obstructed by anything else.

If all this is fine, it could be a more serious problem, but most likely, something fixable.

Your Charger Needs to Go

Check out your charger. Is it in good condition or is it frayed, falling apart, covered in chew marks from your family pet, etc.? If any of these are the case, the charger itself could be the problem. You can also check this by plugging your charger into another laptop that seems to be working fine, and if it doesn’t charge, this is definitely the issue. We suggest buying a new one, which you can usually find easily online.

Your Battery Needs Replacing

If it’s not your charger, click on the battery icon on your MacBook Pro. If it says Replace Soon, this means your battery is the problem. It might even say Replace Now, which means you really need a new one.

Luckily, we can replace batteries at our store or we can come to you. Just call to make an appointment or stop by, and we’ll make sure to get your device back to you 24 hours after you decide to have it fixed with us.

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