My iPhone Won’t Turn On!

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iphone-5-power-button_1You pressed the Home button and nothing…

You held the top right Hold button and nothing…

You turned it around to check the back for some reason, you tapped your finger on it, pushed the Home and Hold button multiple times and nothing…

You’re frustrated and yell, “My iPhone won’t turn on!!! ^&%!”

It’s okay…breathe in and breathe out. iResQ can help you.

First Step:

Check to make sure your iPhone is not off. Some people think their iPhone is on when it’s really completely off, so don’t roll your eyes. To make sure it’s not off, press the Hold button for a few seconds. If it was off, you’ll see the Apple sign, which means it’s booting up.

If you see nothing at all, proceed to step two.

Second Step:

Press the Hold and Home buttons down for at least 10 or 20 seconds. If you don’t see the Apple logo after you’ve been holding down the two buttons, move on to the next step.

Third Step:

Plug your iPhone into the charger. Sometimes, if its battery completely runs out, it will not turn on. You’ll need to charge it for at least 10 minutes before it will boot. If it’s really depleted, it might take as long as 20 minutes.

Fourth Step:

If charging your iPhone doesn’t work, it may be time to restore it. I’m sorry, but you’ll lose your data, but it’s probably worth it to see that precious Apple logo. Besides, if you’ve been good about backing up your iPhone,  you won’t lose so much of your data because it will already be on iTunes.

Anyway, plug the dock connector to your iPhone. Hold down the Home button as you plug the USB into your computer. This will bring up iTunes. Your iPhone will go into recovery mode, and then you can restore it to factory settings.

When You’re Still Saying, “My iPhone Won’t Turn On!”

If these steps didn’t work, there may something else going on. For instance, your battery may completely dead in that it won’t hold a charge anymore. If you can’t charge the battery, your phone will never turn on.

Another possibility is that the charge is dead. This can be easily solved by trying another charger.

If after switching to another charger, you’re still not able to turn your iPhone on, it’s time to proceed to more advanced iPhone repair.

iphone-diagnosticsAt iResQ, we can help you figure out what is truly wrong with your phone. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a software problem, and other times, there’s hardware that needs replacing. Our certified technicians have experience in diagnosing iPhone problems, so we can return your phone in good as new condition.

Contact us now to learn about our iPhone free diagnostics service!


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