Mounts for iPads target a variety of uses

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We’ve found there’s just about no end to the creative places people find to use their iPads, whether in the kitchen or the workplace. Regardless of the function you’ve found for your tablet, though, there’s most likely a mounting solution designed to help you out.

A recent AV Network article rounded up a series of iPad mounts aimed at providing convenience, mobility or security. The iDock Touchcode from iRoom, for instance, secures the iPad in a dock armed with a 4-digit PIN code. People who use their iPads for home security can thereby ensure the controls are secure as well. The publication also highlighted the iPort LaunchPort, which uses magnetic mounts to attach the iPad to a wall or any metal surface, such as a refrigerator. The dock also uses inductive charging to refresh power without cables when the iPad is secured.

Other mounts such as Chief’s Flush Mount Solution or Portable Interface Brackets offer a tamper-resistant way to secure an iPad to a wall or desk in a corporate or home environment. Wired’s James Floyd Kelly noted that he uses a RocLock mount from RokForm to secure his iPad for recipe reference while he’s cooking.

While mounts can keep iPads safer in busy locations, rooms such as kitchens or building lobbies also offer plenty of ways to end up with a cracked screen or waterlogged device. If your tablet is damaged, iResQ’s iPad repair service makes it easy to get your iPad back to its designated use.

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