More power to you: New iPhone battery could be better than ever

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Those who like using their iPhone all day without having to take annoying pit stops to charge the device may be pleased to hear the new iPhone 5 battery is going to be bumped up 10 mAh. This is not a huge amount but it should give better capacity for power, PC Magazine reports. However, before you get too excited, keep in mind the extra juice will have to support some power-draining features of the new phone. If you're dissatisfied with the battery performance of your current iPhone but are on the fence about the iPhone 5, you can consider battery replacement or repair, which is one of the many affordable iPhone repair services offered by iResQ.

“What does that mean? A slightly higher capacity, but one that'll be offset by the battery-draining 4G LTE capabilities rumored to be making their first Apple appearance in the iPhone 5,” the news source said, downplaying the effect the additional battery power will have. “Additionally, the allegedly larger four-inch screen rumored to be making its way to the iPhone 5 isn't going to do much to help battery life, either.”

Stressing the positive, PC Magazine said there is still no word as to what other features of the new phone will help stretch the power out a bit longer and make it easier to roll with the phone all day instead of having it attached to an outlet.

For those with a broken device who want to get that working again before deciding on their next purchase, iResQ offers iPhone repair not only related to batteries, but for broken glass, headphone jacks and a variety of other issues.

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