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More iPhone 5 Repair Parts

iPhone / General Knowledge

Hey all, welcome back.

We have continued to assemble some “iPhone 5” parts as they trickle in. So far what we have appears to all fit together.

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Let’s get to it…

In the top left corner, you can see the vibrate motor installed. We aren’t sure if this is installed correctly or not, as it was aligned vertically in the iPhone 4 and 4S models. The motor does seem to fit and makes full contact in this configuration.
You will notice we have also added the volume buttons, vibrate/silent switch, and of course the accompanying ribbon cables. We have also added the iPhone 5 camera in the upper right corner, but again we are unsure if this is the correct placement.
This is simply the SIM tray which also fits well into the casing that we have.
Here is a view of the external appearance with the vibrate/silent switch and volume buttons. Pretty similar to previous iPhone models.
Here you can see the back facing camera resting inside our casing. It should be noted that there is a flash attached to this camera but we are unsure how it fits into the casing as there may be a part missing that we do not yet have.
This is simply a zoomed out view of the same camera inside the casing.
Here you can see that the SIM tray is smaller than previous models. The iPhone 4/4S SIM card shown in this photo will not fit into the new SIM tray.

Repair services for the new iPhone can be found here when the time comes. That’s it for now. stay tuned, we’ll have more pictures up shortly.

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