Miss the old iPod? Take a look at the new Nano

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Hey all you fans of the old iPod design, the new iPod Nano may be going a bit retro – well early-aughts retro. Sources are pointing out that the new version of the Nano could return to the longer form of the media player and revert to what CNET calls the “oblong style” shape. The current Nano is more like the iPod Shuffle, which is much smaller. With any of these devices, iPod repair is readily available in case they happen to break.

“One curious thing about this rumor is what this means to the cottage industry that's been built up around using the iPod Nano as a watch,” CNET said of the rumor for the new, longer iPod.  “There have been numerous third-party accessories that use the iPod Nano as a digital timepiece, so much so that Apple made it a point in one of its last major iPod Nano software updates to add additional faces.”

Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog, said the device will have a dedicated home button and be able to run an iTunes app. This means this device could have a full functioning version of iOS, CNET said.

Todaysiphone said it is skeptical about whether this will actually happen, but said with Apple there is no way to  confidently predict what it will do next. So if your device is on the fritz, and you're a little uneasy about the new possible design, get in touch with iResQ to see how much iPod repair will cost you.

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