Minnesota, Illinois schools learn with MacBook Airs

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School administrators are constantly looking for technologies to enhance the classroom experience and help students get more excited about school. Apple's newest devices, including MacBook Airs, seem to be great solutions for keeping young scholars engaged. Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota has recently rolled out an i-Learn program, putting MacBook Air laptops in the hands of around 3,000 students, KARE reported.

“You introduce this kind of a tool for every student and all of a sudden the questions of access are gone,” said Eden Prairie principal Conn McCartan. “What they can get their hands on for students as learners changes the dynamic in the classroom.”

Not only does the technology help the students, but it also helps the teachers. Eden Prairie faculty went through training programs during the summer to get them prepared for the rollout as well. The Airs can be used by any teachers, even physical education instructors,  who can use the devices to keep track of students' heart rate and measure their progress.

Sterling Public Schools in Illinois, received funding from a foundation to lease 1,100 MacBook Airs for their district, according to Sauk Valley Media. The Dillon Foundation will be footing the $1.2 million dollar initiative that will allow SPS students to use the devices for at least four years, with the hope the school district can pick up the bill to maintain the program once the lease expires.

According to the source, Sterling Public Schools approached the organization five years ago and then took steps to prepare the school for the technology.

“[We're] excited about the opportunities for our students and our teachers for what they will be able to accomplish with not just a tool, but a change in how we teach and learn,” SPS superintendent Tad Everett said.

If any schools need MacBook repair services, send those devices into iResQ, which offers a 1:1 repair program to schools for Apple devices.

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