Mini iPad in production

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The rumors have been building for a while about Apple’s upcoming iPad production plans, and many have suggested that a smaller version was in the works. According to the Wall Street Journal, that version is now on the way.

Based on reports from executives at different component makers, WSJ concluded that the smaller iPad will have a 7.85-inch LCD screen with a lower resolution than the most recent iPad model (in other words, not a Retina display). Two companies, South Korea’s LG Display and Taiwan’s AU Optronics, started mass producing the screens in September, WSJ reported.

A set of leaked photos from UkrainianiPhone showed the mini iPad case, which uses the same anodized aluminum back as the iPhone 5. The photos also suggested that the new iPad will have 3G support, Gizmodo reported.

According to experts interviewed by the WSJ, the iPad mini aims to compete with smaller tablets from Google and Amazon by offering a lower price device that can be held in one hand.

If your current iPad has a cracked screen or other problem, however, it may be cheaper and faster to seek out iPad repair from iResQ rather than waiting for the new mini model to make its debut.

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