Milk Damage to a MacBook

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We recently had a customer drop off his MacBook. He reported he didn’t know why it wasn’t turning on. He simply got up one morning, and clicked it on, but it wouldn’t anything.

We’ve heard this before, but we wanted to take the guy’s word for it. It might just be something small that could be easily repaired by one of our certified techs.

Most of all our repairs are completed within 24 hours. We also perform FREE diagnostics. Whenever we do diagnostics, we find out what’s wrong with the device, call the customer and let them know what is wrong and provide a MacBook repair quote. The customer then tells us whether he wants us to move forward with the repair.

Our Smelly, Spoiled Milk Casemacbook repair

When our tech open up the MacBook, he immediately knew what happened. Someone spilled milk on it. Whether it was a kid or an adult, it didn’t matter.

What did matter was that there was milk all over the board and battery. Devastating.

Not only could we see the dried up milk everywhere, it has spoiled, so it had that smell. Anyone knows that smell if they’ve ever had children or tried to drink spoiled milk. It’s not pleasant.

Once we knew what caused the death of the MacBook, we let the customer know that he would need a new board and battery, and gave him a repair quote for it.

He decided that it was time to invest in a new MacBook.

While we could have fixed this customer’s MacBook, the cost of replacing the board and battery was too much in comparison to simply purchasing a new one. This happens sometimes, but we’re still glad to be able to help someone make that decision.

Contact us today if you have a MacBook or another device that needs diagnosis. We can let you know what happened to it, and how much it would cost to repair it.

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