Memory loss could be helped by iPod

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People who have a family member suffering from memory loss may want to get iPod repair and hand their devices over, as Belmont Citizen-Herald said these devices can actually help the elderly afflicted with a loss of memory. Always Best Care Senior Services in Belmont is also accepting donations, which will be wiped clean and reloaded with playlists personalized for the senior community. The part of the brain that holds memories also stores autobiographical memories, thereby helping patients, if only for a short while.

“For a short time, memories associated with music that is playing will 'awaken' the person listening,” the news source said. “Extensive neuroscience research by Dr. Connie Tomaino and Dr. Oliver Sacks, Music and Memory board members, shows that individuals become calmer and more engaged with those around them. This can even lead to enabling the patient to take fewer medications.”

The Las Vegas Guardian Express said with Alzheimer's on the rise, this music based program could help many regain memories that were previously thought to be lost forever. For those who have old devices lying around, iPod repair and donation could be a great gesture to help improve the memory of a senior or loved one.

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