Mavericks improves older MacBook Pros

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With new computer technology coming out each and every day, owners of older MacBooks might feel as though their device just isn't up to snuff anymore. However, the new Mavericks OS X appears to be improving performance in some older MacBooks. MacNewsWorld's John Mello found that out when installing the new operating system on his older Air.

The biggest improvements Mello found on his air were battery and memory performance. For him, the Air's battery life went from two-and-a-half hours to nearly five hours depending on usage. Memory was aided by the App Nap, which takes idle programs and compresses their memory together to free up more space on the RAM. There were plenty of other features on Mavericks, but these two improvements were enough for Mello.

“In fact, Apple says it has added more than 200 new features to the latest version of OS X,” he wrote. “However, for my money – oops, did I mention the upgrade was for free? – the improved battery life and memory compression features alone make upgrading to Mavericks worthwhile.”

WomenCitizen reported on some of the other features that the new operating system offered. Some of the biggest changes were with Safari, Maps and iBooks. With Safari, users get a new sidebar that features columns such as Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links. 

Maps has made it easier to send directions from the MacBook to an iPhone, while also integrating into calendar, which allows users to better plan trips. IBook is an important development, as Mavericks now has the application on it, allowing users to take advantage of the larger computer screen than their tablets.

If any MacBook user is having issues with his or her system, send it to iResQ, where expert technicians will take care of any number of MacBook repair services.

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