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Some tech-savvy consumers may save money by performing their own electronics fixes, but for the vast majority the chance of carrying out a successful iPad screen repair themselves may not be very high, Albert Filice wrote for MacWorld.

The replacement process requires the successful removal of the broken screen from its casing without damaging the device frame or severing control cables. Before the iPad replacement glass can be put into place, it will need to be attached to the digitizer so that the device is able to interpret taps on the screen as instructions. Some replacement screens come with an attached digitizer.

“Bear in mind that even if you make the repair successfully, there's no guarantee that the digitizer will work as expected (especially if you buy cheap like we did),” Filice wrote. “Although we got the iPad reassembled with the new screen, it now suffers from occasional fits of phantom 'touches' that cause it to select portions of the screen even when left alone on a tabletop. One minute we were looking at the home screen, and the next the iPad launched the Notes app and started typing out random gibberish.”

Apple insures iPad repairs for one year and gives customers the opportunity to buy an additional year of coverage through the iCare+ plan. For $99, Apple provides two hardware repairs at a cost of $49 each during a one year coverage period. One advantage to the plan is that it covers accidental breakage, executive editor Jonathan Seff wrote for MacWorld.

“If you break your device, or even drop it in the pool, Apple will repair or replace the device for a set fee of $49,” Seff wrote. “You can take advantage of this accidental-damage benefit twice over the duration of your AppleCare+ plan.”

Not for everyone
The insurance plan is costly and may not be for everyone. People who use their iPads for work or have children who take them to school may benefit the most, particularly if they have an urgent need for the devices. Users who have credit cards that offer automatic warranty extensions also could benefit from the plan.

Other consumers may benefit more by putting money in a repair fund. People who own multiple Apple products may wind up paying a lot to cover all of their devices and may not even get around to using the warranty before they need to have their iPad repaired.The iPad repair services offered by iResQ can provide value to people who keep their hardware past the warranty expiration date. The company provides affordable repair services for all generations of iPads and also performs iPod repair, MacBook repair and iPhone repair.

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