Many iPhone users care about their phone more than their wallet

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If you’ve ever gotten paranoid about losing your iPhone – you know, the expensive device with your entire life stored on it – you’re not alone. Recent surveys have found that many iPhone users are attached to their devices: In one poll of customers waiting in line to buy the iPhone 5 in New York, more than half claimed they would rather lose their wallets than their iPhones.

In San Francisco, the same poll by iPhone insurance company found that 60 percent of iPhone purchasers would rather lose their iPhone than their wallet, so the phenomenon is not universal. However, fear of being without a phone in general is widespread. A 2012 survey in the U.K. by SecurEnvoy found that 66 percent of users feared losing or being without their phones, a fear identified as “nomophobia,” up from 53 percent in 2008.

As people come to rely more on their phones, it’s not too surprising that they would worry about being without the mobile devices, whether as a result of loss, damage or misplacement. Fortunately, with iPhone repair from iResQ, a damaged iPhone doesn’t have to be a problem for nomophobes, since iResQ can get the device back in your hands in no time.

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