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Nothing can take the wind out of your sails like an iPhone that won't work. There are countless problems that an iPhone can run into over the course of its life. The first instinct that many people may have is that their device is broken – either it needs to be repaired or replaced, which are both options that can be costly and difficult to handle without help. But there is a much more universal, DIY approach to many issues with the iPhone 5c that almost anyone can execute on their own – a simple cleaning.

Dirt, dust and other schmutz can easily find its way into any iPhone crevice. Even Apple recommends cleaning the device to keep it functioning how it's supposed to. If you're experiencing any of the following issues, try a cotton swab and some elbow grease before resorting to a repair:

1) iPhone 5c headphone problems
Given that the precursor to the iPhone was the iPod, it should come as no surprise that people frequently use their mobile devices for consumption of audio. From MP3s to movies to podcasts, the sound on an iPhone has to work in order for it to be of any serious worth to the user.

There are two ways to listen to music on an iPhone 5c: The built-in speakers and the headphone jack. Headphones are essential in that they can provide privacy. This is especially important when taking a call on a headset that plugs into the phone itself. 

Sometimes, however, this port can stop working. Rather than automatically assume that it needs to be physically repaired, consider instead that it might need a little cleaning. First try rapidly plugging and removing the male end of a headphone cord to try and dislodge the obstruction. If this doesn't work, take a cotton swab and gently work around the port. This may uncake a little bit of grit that was interrupting the connection.

2) iPhone 5c Home button not working
Because it is a touchscreen device, the iPhone has a very limited number of physical buttons. This means that when one of them stops responding, some of the device's functionality can become disabled. Of all the buttons that you don't want fading out on their user, the iPhone's Home button is probably at the top of the list.

The Home button controls a great deal of features on the iPhone 5c. It allows users to manage their apps and return to the main screen of the operating system without worry. Thanks to the Touch ID feature, it even allows users unlock their phone and make purchases online just by scanning their fingerprints. In Windows terms, it's kind of like if the left mouse button and “ctrl | alt | delete” were controlled by the same switch. To have such a button stop responding can incite some serious panic.

But like other parts of the iPhone 5c, the Home button is susceptible to dirt and grime. Cleaning it out can have an immediate effect on the button's performance. Power the device down and press the Home button in. Gently clean around the edges where dust or other foreign substances may have accumulated. This is frequently found to be the exact fix needed to get the Home button back online.

3) iPhone 5c Lightning connector issues
At the end of the day, it comes down to a simple equation – no power, no iPhone. Starting with the various incarnations of the iPhone 5, iPhones started to get their power from the Lightning port rather than the plugs commonly found on earlier models. If CNET contributor Rick Broida is to be believed, there have been plenty of instances where inferior, third-party Lightning cords have caused people to believe that their batteries are faulty. This, however, isn't always the cause of charging problems.

Just like we've seen with the Home button and the headphone jack, the Lightning port can house particles of dirt that interrupt connections and prevent device functionality. Take a cotton swab or the edge of a soft cloth and root around in there for anything that doesn't belong. It's possible that this will get things running again without investing in new parts – or a fresh iPhone for that matter.

4) iPhone 5c camera not working
Some people find that, over time, the camera built into their iPhone may start to get grainy or fail to take proper pictures. While there are instances where the camera can deteriorate over time, it helps to give it a quick wipe every now and again. If your photos aren't turning out the way that you'd like them to, try cleaning it off. Many times, this will provided some sort of improvement over what you were dealing with before.

But it could be that you have one of these problems and repeated cleaning hasn't been effective. If this is the case, contact iResQ today. We can get your iPhone 5c back into tip-top shape at an affordable price.

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