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Apple's iPad is a pretty friendly device for your average user, but The Telegraph's Richard Gray said there are many features people may not know about that could be extremely useful. After users figure out some of the finer points of the device, it may be more prudent than ever to learn more about iPad repair in case it should prove necessary. Users can turn to iResQ if there is any need to have their device returned to its fully-working state.

For those who have a hard time reading certain apps or words on their device, the zoom feature may especially come in handy.

“This feature sits in the accessibility folder under general settings. when turned on, double tap on the screen with three fingers to zoom into a spot,” Gray wrote. “To navigate around while zoomed in, drag three fingers around the screen. And if things still are not magnified enough, then double tap again while zoomed in with three fingers before dragging them up or down. This will zoom you right in and out of the action.”

A useful feature for the forgetful among us is the “Find My iPad” feature, which Gray said can be turned on via the iCloud settings. The next time the tablet is lost or misplaced, users can use this feature to display a message on their device asking whoever may have it to return it to them. Along the same lines, there is a feature that will allow users to wipe all of their personal data from the iPad if it is figured to be gone for good. This will be helpful to get rid of any sensitive data which may remain on the device.

Other interesting features include:

  • Splitting the keyboard in two to display more features
  • Accessing the come computer via a special iPad app called iTeleport
  • Utilizing the tablet as a digital picture frame
  • Changing the sounds the iPad makes via the general settings to stand out a bit more from other iPads

PC Advisor lists some other cool and relatively unknown features, including the ability to multitask with apps on the iPad.

“If you're frustrated with double tapping the Home button to switch between apps, there's a faster way,” the website said. “Simply touch the screen with at least four fingers and swipe to the left or right to switch between active apps. The apps are arranged in the same order you'd find them in the multitasking list after double-tapping the Home button, with the most recent at the far left.”

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