Man’s life saved by HTC EVO 3D

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Ever thought a smartphone device could save a life? Well, for one fortunate gas station clerk in Florida, his phone did just that. ​Florida TV station News 13 reported that an HTC EVO 3D in a convenience store cashier's pocket stopped a bullet from a robber, saving his life.

According to the report, the perpetrator entered the Winter Garden gas station early in the morning and held the man up at gunpoint, demanding that he open the safe. When he was unable to, another employee entered the station and the robber then asked him to open the safe. Again, he couldn't unlock it. In his haste, the suspect fled the scene, but not before firing a single shot. The shot struck the clerk in his midsection, but lucky for him, his smartphone was in the path of fire and took the bullet for him.

“They were there for a while before they even realized that he had been shot. He had complained about having some chest pains and when they started looking in deeper, they realized his phone had a bullet lodged in it and it was damaged from it,” said Winter Garden police officer Scott Allen.

The heroics of the phone didn't go unnoticed by HTC, which tweeted a photo of a care package that they will be sending to the gas station clerk, Ubergizmo reported. The package included a brand new HTC One, car dock, laptop bag, on-the-go phone charger and mug. The company stated in its tweet that they felt that the clerk deserved a new device after his ordeal.

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