Man sells his own body part for Apple devices

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People had a lot of fervor over Apple's iPhone and iPad when they were first released, but nothing matches what a teenager in China did to get his hands on the devices. A 17-year-old sold his kidney for $4,000 and used some of the money to buy an iPad and iPhone, according to China Daily. Meanwhile, the gang that obtained the kidney sold it for $33,000. The boy is apparently now in poor health after the surgery.

China Daily spoke with Sang Biao,  a professor of psychology at East China Normal University, who said that adolescents might be lured by the promise of material goods and not understand the serious risks that accompany surgery.

“The young man might fail to tell his parents what he was going to undergo before the tragedy happened, and the adults didn't guide him on how to face material life in the right way,” said Biao, according to the news source.

China's Ministry of Public Security said there were 137 suspects caught during a July 2012 crackdown on organ trafficking in the country, China News stated.

While selling your own kidney is clearly not something it's advisable to do to get an iPad or iPhone, it does indicate just how valuable these products are to people. If your own treasured Apple device breaks or malfunctions, you can turn to iPad and iPhone repair to get it running again without going to extreme lengths to buy a new product.

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