Man Runs Over MacBook and MacBook Survives

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MacBook-Screen-ReplacementWho can say Apple products aren’t resilient?

One customer sent us a MacBook after he practically ran over it with his truck. He placed it in a duffel bag, and threw it behind the truck meaning to pick it back up to place inside. The only thing is that he forgot to do that.

When the man got into his truck and backed out of the garage, he realized something was behind his tires. After hearing a crunch, he immediately knew what it was…his MacBook.

He jumped out of his truck, ran to his duffel bag, opened it, and breathed a sigh of relief. It was still intact!

The next test would be to see if it still worked. Unfortunately, when he turned it on, the screen displayed black and other random colors. It wasn’t cracked though, which is interesting.

The man took it to Apple to see if it could be saved. They told him it was still operable, and it was just the screen that was broken. After hearing the price they wanted to charge him for the Arizona MacBook screen replacement, he decided to contact us.

We were so surprised to see the MacBook didn’t have more damage. Our certified technicians performed a MacBook screen replacement within 24 hours of receiving it. They also tested it to make sure everything was in good working order. Once everything checked out, we sent it right back to the customer.

This customer was lucky because he could have completely obliterated his MacBook. We are happy we were able to save his MacBook and money by giving him an affordable and fast screen replacement.

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