Making the right gestures on your iPad and iPhone

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One of the great things about iOS is how it lets you use gestures to control your iPad or iPhone. What is a gesture? Think of it as a shortcut that you can be use to more quickly manage your email, calendar, Siri and other apps. Some gestures are popular and easy to discover, but others are less obvious and may require memorization and practice to get down.

Many apps on an iPad or iPhone stick to on-screen buttons that are tapped to open and perform a specific task. What you tap is what is you get. Gestures may involve tapping and holding one of those elements or the device's home button, or they may require multitouch input.

One tricky shortcut is finding your browsing history in Safari, which iMore's Allyson Kazmucha described in a recent how-to article. This one isn't obvious: You'll need to open the Safari browser, and then find the back button at the bottom. Tap and hold the arrow there, and voila -, it shows a full browsing history.

The iPad has its own exclusive set of gestures for navigating through apps. Once you have enabled them in the Settings app, you can use these gestures to move between apps and force-quit them as needed.

Also writing for iMore, Rene Ritchie highlighted the basic iPad gestures, which include swiping up with four fingers to open the multitask bar and swiping down to close it. Additionally, you can use a left or right four-finger swipe to move from one full-screen app to another, or perform a five-finger swipe (like crumpling a piece of paper) to exit any app and go to the home screen.

Gestures make your iPad and iPhone more fun and easier to use, so don't let device damage ruin the day. Send it to iResQ and we will provide excellent iPad repair or iPhone repair services to get it back up and running in no time.

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