Making the most of the iPad

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Sometimes, people buy an iPad and only use a few of its many features. has a helpful guide on how people can use the iPad to its fullest extent, with cool features such as deleting text just by shaking the device.

“This is done with a simple shake. Go ahead, try it,” the website said. “Find a document or a note you want to wipe clean and give your iPad a little shake. This will activate a little pop-up box that gives you the option to 'undo' all of the text in the document. If you change your mind, no big deal, simply hit cancel and carry on.”

Here are a few other features you might not know about: You can do a spotlight search by typing in a Safari search on the first page of the iPad screen (before the apps pop up), and you can search for old messages by using this same method; and you can add a favorite or commonly used website to the home screen by opening Safari and clicking “Add to Home Screen.”

If you're hungry for information about how to use the preinstalled apps, you can take a video tour of each one on Apple's website, PC World said, which may open up a new world for those wanting to use the device better. Of course, if your iPad is broken, you may not be able to take advantage of certain features, so seeking out iPad repair will be a necessary first step on the road to being a master user.

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