Making that iPhone battery see another seven years

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The iPhone is seven years old, and in honor of that anniversary, here's seven ways to ensure your iPhone's battery lasts another seven years, or at least until your next iPhone repair:

1. Turn off Push notifications. If you're anything like the typical millennial, you're getting inundated by Snapchats, Tinder matches and the newest Instagram shots. But by turning off the Push feature in Settings > Notifications, you'll save some much-needed battery life.

2. Stop getting your phone to track location. Your iPhone likes to know where you are. All the time. But guess what? That takes energy. But if you go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and deselect Frequent Locations, that takes care of it.

3. Reduce brightness. This is a good rule of thumb for any Apple product, since all of them default to pretty high brightness. To remedy that and save juice, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and deselect Auto-Brightness. Then proceed to regulate brightness manually as you go about your day.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi. If you know there's a Wi-Fi network right where you're sitting, then by all means connect. But to walk around everywhere with Wi-Fi enabled forces your phone into a cycle of (mostly fruitless) searching, and it's your battery that will suffer. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and slide to Off.

5. Charge when battery is drained. If you're charging your phone when it's at 80 percent all the time, it'll get used to receiving a lower charge. Try to drain the battery before charging.

6. Limit use in extreme cold. Apple products simply aren't meant to be used in sub-zero weather, so if another Polar Vortex descends, perhaps wait to Snapchat how cold you are until you're actually inside.

7. Shut off AirDrop. It's a wonderful file-sharing option, but your battery will thank you if you shut it off when not in use.

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