Make your own ringtone in GarageBand for iPhone

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Admit it: you’ve always known you could compose a better ringtone than the iPhone’s “Marimba.” With the release of GarageBand 1.3 for iOS, now you can do it straight from your phone.

It’s already possible to make a ringtone from scratch or from an existing song in GarageBand on your computer, but the update to GarageBand makes it possible on any iOS 6 device. A recent MacWorld guide explained that all that is necessary is making a song in GarageBand and then tapping the “Share” icon under “My Songs.” This opens up a menu with the option “Share Song As” that lets you export your song as a ringtone.

If you don’t trust yourself as a composer, you can do the same thing with a snippet of an existing song on your iPhone. Just make sure you set the recording window in GarageBand to “Automatic” to import the entire song, then trim it to the selection you want to use as a ringtone inside the app.

Mashable noted it is also possible to make ringtones from existing songs in your computer on iTunes by trimming them and changing the file type from .m4a to .m4r.

Your new ringtone may not be too useful with broken iPhone speakers, however. Fortunately, with iPhone repair from iResQ, it’s easy to fix your speakers or any other problems you might have so that you can get back to composing your ringtone masterpiece.

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