Make your iPad battery last longer

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We’ve all had times when we’ve wished for more juice in our iPad. Apple claims that the iPad battery lasts for up to 10 hours on a full charge, and it may be possible to get this level of performance with a few tweaks, according to Gotta Be Mobile’s Troy Frommer, who recently offered a guide for some settings changes to help battery life.

His suggestions, which include lowering screen brightness and turning Auto-Brightness off, mirror many offered Apple’s own iPad battery website. Adjusting the Auto-Lock setting to a small interval of time, like two minutes,  is another useful way to conserve battery.

More subtle changes that can help include manually syncing email and limiting push notifications, particularly for apps such as Facebook that see lots of activity. A key tip involves disabling cellular service when in Wi-Fi-enabled areas, disabling Wi-Fi when in cell areas and disabling both when there is no coverage or Internet use is unnecessary.

Frommer noted it may be worth resetting the iPad to its default settings if battery drain is still a problem, and he also recommended using external battery power. If all these solutions are failing to keep your battery from lasting long enough, you may need a new one. With iPad repair from iResQ, it’s easy to get your battery replaced and have your iPad running again at full power.

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