MacBooks making their way into classrooms

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Textbooks may become a thing of the past, as tablets, laptops and other electronics are starting to make a big splash in classrooms across America. One Louisiana school district said more than 2,000 of its students in grades 6 through 12 will be getting MacBook Pro laptops, according to local news source The Advocate. If these devices break down, students and teachers can turn to MacBook repair to save the day and perhaps the school year.

Iberville Parish School District Superintendent Ed Cancienne said the laptop distribution is currently a “critical stage” of the district's initiative of pairing students with portable computers. This program was introduced two years ago at magnet schools, the news source reported. Anissa Ned, parent of a sixth grader in the district, hopes her son will learn how to use the device as a tool for his own benefit.

“They’re going to need them because everything we do nowadays is turning to technology,” Ned told The Advocate. “They are so connected to technology. (Eddie) knows how to use an iPhone and I don’t.”

MacRumors said MacBooks have been popular with schools and other institutions due in part to their solid build, which allows them to be used in a classroom full of perhaps not-too-careful children. Even if a device does break, there is MacBook repair to get the laptop working and back to class.

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