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Many older MacBook Pro owners have experienced their battery life slow degrading over time or have had the charge crap out when in use. But on some occasions, MacBook batteries have been known to burst, even when not in use. ZDNet contributor Violet Blue recently talked about her experience with a burst battery.

The MacBook was an older 2008 15-inch version that had been in use for a few years. One day, Blue noticed that her device didn't look right.

“I noticed my MacBook Pro wasn't sitting right on its shelf,” wrote Blue, “I took a closer look, and saw that the battery had exploded, ruptured out of the laptop's casing, and had ripped apart at the seams. It was hot to the touch.”

Just like some other users who had experienced the same problem, the MacBook's battery burst. Luckily for her, it was removable so she could still get some use out of the device. However, the process of getting the battery out of the machine was difficult, not to mention hazardous. Exploding batteries are dangerous to the touch. The lithium polymer is a corrosive material, and the fumes that it emits when a battery bursts are poisonous. Therefore, it may be best to let a repair shop handle such removal.

External battery can help improve Macbook battery life
If your battery hasn't burst, but it is still struggling with performance, adding a power boost can be a helpful way to get a few extra years out of a machine. The new QuickerTek Most Powerful eyeBattery can provide such a boost.

According to the company, the device can offer 12 more hours of computing time on a 15-inch Retina Pro and nearly a days worth of power to a 13-inch MacBook Air. Not only does the device power the computer, it also charges the in-unit battery as well, allowing users to work on their MacBooks without having to worry about downtime.

“This huge power reserve is ideal for location photo shoots, as well as extended travel in cars, trains, or airliners,” the company said in a statement. “For live-blogging of events, extended outdoor time, or meetings anywhere, the Most Powerful eyeBattery is the most advanced and reliable way to dramatically extend computing time.”

Should a MacBook owner's battery explode or not be working up to performance even with an external charging device, he or she should send the device to iResQ, where technicians handle all kinds of MacBook repair, including battery replacement.

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