MacBooks: Americans love ’em

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Those who have a MacBook know just how great it can be for improving efficiency and productivity, as well as fortifying playtime. Now it seems others want in on the fun as well, as a recent report from YouGov and BrandIndex found that 26 percent of U.S. consumers would look into the MacBook as their next notebook purchase, according to Computerworld. Anyone who already has a device that may not be working quite right can save themselves money put toward the new laptop by sending it over to iResQ for MacBook repair.

The amount of people who want a Macbook was down from the previous years, when 28 percent said they wanted to purchase the Apple laptop as their next device.

“Apple has an edge, in that it identifies an entire class by itself,” said Ted Marzilli, global manager for BrandIndex, according to Computerworld. “All the rest are part of the larger PC ecosystem.”

Future polls will also likely be dominated by Apple, according to Marzilli, as the company has much better ad awareness – the portion of respondents indicate seeing a brand's advertisements in the previous two weeks – reaching nearly 30 percent, which is double that of the next closest competitors. A new MacBook Pro may debut before the holiday season, which could drive up the demand even more.

Even though many want the MacBook as their next device, the PC market is still very competitive, and a recent report from Piper Jaffray analyst Eugene Munster showed that there may be a 5 percent slip in the year-over-year sales of these devices. The US Daily Voice reported on Munster's prediction and said Apple sold 3.8 million Macs in the June-ending quarter of 2013, which is down about 200,000 from the previous year. Those with older devices that may be on the fritz can simple get MacBook repair services from iResQ and have a gadget that is as good as new without the expenditure.

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