MacBook Screen Repair! MacBook Pro Screen Repair! And Minor League Hockey!

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Happy post-Super Bowl everyone! The sports world is abuzz this week with all the excitement! And by abuzz, I mean a slow and sobering realization that there’s no more football for another six and a half months. Unless you happen to be a Giants fan, then the party keeps rolling. If you’re not a Giants fan, then perhaps you have baseball or basketball to look forward to. We here in Kansas City are right in the middle of two of the finest collegiate basketball programs in the country; although Mizzou decidedly has a leg up on Kansas after a three point come from behind victory in Columbia last weekend. Be sure iResQ’s GM Brian, a Mizzou alum, is delighted this week. Unfortunately we have no NBA team despite a stellar downtown arena, and the punchline of all MLB, the Royals.

We also have minor league hockey- I went and checked out the Missouri Mavericks, our very own CHL team last night. Let me say, and I mean this with all appreciation in earnest, minor league hockey is one of the most glorious sociological experiences I have ever had the pleasure of partaking in. Right up to the corporately sponsored and obligatory fights and the Biggest Dent giveaway, in which a parking lot monitor reports the car with the largest dent and its owner receives a gift certificate for a local restaurant. Amazing. Also, the 2-1 overtime victory lit the crowd up.

Here’s an iPhone 4 Instagram shot from our box seats:


I just need a waterfall flowing down a flight of stairs and it would pass for a Scott Mutter piece.

Ah, now onto MacBook screen repair. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good old fashioned MacBook screen repair or MacBook Pro screen repair coupon! If you need your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air LCD screen repaired, just place an order at and enter the coupon code Mavericks for $10 off your repair! This repair is only valid for LCD repair, not diagnosis or glass panels, and can be redeemed through February 29th, 2012. Happy ordering friends. Have a great week, a great Valentine’s Day, and a FANTASTIC Lincoln’s Birthday, just like old Abe intended. Godspeed.

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