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Hey folks, did you miss me? I have been tragically stuck on North Captive Island in the Gulf of Mexico for the last week. I had to endure sitting on the beach, shark fishing and watching dolphins and collecting shells with my daughter. Rough, I know. If you want to see what it’s like, just pull out that iPad or MacBook and Google North Captiva. Here’s a broad view:

As much as we didn’t want to leave the sun and sandy beaches, the world of Apple repairs beckoned. And not a moment too soon- between two airports and two planes I saw hundreds of MacBook Pros, iPhones and iPads, and quite a few of them being dropped or slammed into overhead bins. Well, have no fear if you’re one of the unfortunate travelers who suffered a loss. Through the end of May MacBook and MacBook Pro LCDs and glass are $10 off! Just enter the coupon code VACATION when you check out at and $10 will be knocked off your order. Remember, this offer is only good for MacBook LCDs, MacBook Pro LCDs, and MacBook or MacBook Pro display glass. Place your order by the end of Memorial Day, and then welcome summer. Have a great week.


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