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Image By :Julo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Image By: Julo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Robert Frost Middle School started an initiative in 2010. Every student would be supplied with a MacBook. Last month, the school finally completed its initiative. Every student now has a MacBook to use to further their education.

According to the school:

A means to increase instrumental technology and provide one-to-one computing resources for the Deer Park School District’s students.

Our district is excited to continue to provide our students with technology, which can be used to support lesson plans, conduct academic research, enhance curriculum and improve the students’ academic research, enhance curriculum and improve the students’ tech-literacy skills.

All students in the six grade will receive an Apple MacBook when he enters. This laptop will stay with him for the whole time he attends the idle school. All MacBook computers are collected before summer break and returned at the beginning of the year.

iResQ Solves the Downside of MacBooks for Students

MacBooks are a great educational tool for students. In this day, it’s imperative students have good computer skills.

As we all know, students aren’t the most protective of items, especially those that don’t below to them. That could lead to quite a few computer breaks. The screen could crack when the MacBook drops, or one of the internal mechanisms could suffer damage.

Sending the MacBook to Apple can turn into a hefty bill, one that most schools can’t afford. That’s why we offer affordable MacBook repair for schools. All schools have to do is send in the broken MacBook to us, and we will identify the problem, provide a quote, and repair it the same if approved.

All of our MacBook repairs for schools are done the same day we receive them. We want to ensure students get their computers back as soon as possible, so they can get right back to learning.

If you’re a school official, seeking a way to fix broken MacBooks, contact us now. You can call or email us with any questions, or go through the order and shipping process conveniently on our site.

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