MacBook Pro takes the cake as best-performing Windows laptop

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MacBook owners and Windows aficionados alike will delight in the news that a new study has named the 13-inch MacBook Pro as the best-performing Windows laptop. According to a recent KSL article, PC services company Soluto recently performed “frustration analytics” on some of the top PC brands available today, and Apple came out on top above other popular brands including Acer, Lenovo and Dell.

“The MacBook Pro is the most expensive PC among the top 3, but if you're looking for top reliability, the data is clear,” wrote Soluto. “MacBook Pro is the best Windows PC on the market.”

According to the Soluto report, one of the main reasons that the MacBook Pro performed so well was that for every Windows installation that was performed on the computer, there was no “crapware” bundled in with the download, and every install was cleanly done.

To reach their conclusions, Soluto analyzed data taken from a sample of 150,000 laptops between February and the end of March. Data used to reach conclusions included application hangs and crashes, those ominous blue screens, boot time and background processes. Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display also made the list at the number six position. While these MacBooks appear to be at the top of their game, accidents still happen. For any problems to your top-performing laptop, iResQ's MacBook repair services can resolve them.

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