MacBook Pro Staingate Display Issues

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Some owners of the Retina MacBook Pro are dealing with Staingate.  This is when the anti-reflective display coat wears off of it.

This complaint has been going on for a little while now and leaves the MacBook Pro looking like it has a stain on it. Now referred to as Staingate, the problem has become widespread and there is now a website on the Internet created by MacBook owners who are dealing with this issue attempting to team up against Apple and hopefully get some type of repair or replacement program started.

What is Staingate?

Staingate is what owners of the MacBook Pro are calling this issue of the wearing or peeling off of the anti-reflective display resulting in what appears as an ugly, large and obstructive stain spread across the screen.

People who are dealing with this issue state that it can happen as early as 7 months after you buy the MacBook. There isn’t any specific pattern on how it begins happening; some people say it starts with smalls spots around the edge and others say it starts in the middle of the screen as large patches.

How is Staingate Fixed and Will Apple Give you a Replacement?

People are being directed to the Apple Support Center by Apple if they are dealing with this issue, however, if their AppleCare or Warranty has expired, they most likely have to pay for the repair or replacement themselves.

Also, Apple is now classifying this problem as ‘cosmetic damage’ that will not even be covered through a warranty.  Repairing the MacBook can cost anywhere from $800 and up with the 3-month warranty.

Owners of a MacBook Pro who have been affected with Staingate are not teaming up on the website as well as a Facebook group about this problem.  They are also putting out a petition through for a repair or replacement program.

As of July 15, over 3000 people reported that they had the Staingate issue, which makes owners of the MacBook Pro be confident the petition, will reach their 5000 supporters. It’s said that if you or anyone you know is dealing with this issue, to sign the petition and to help sort this problem out quicker.

However, will Apple listen? It’s thought that if there is a lot of noise made about it, they just might. Back in 2011, there was an issue with graphic issue on the MacBook Pro which was finally addressed by Apple; therefore, people are confident the same thing will happen with the Staingate issue.

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