MacBook market expected to spur repair demands

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Demand for MacBook repair services is growing even as the prices of many laptops drop, presenting a direct contrast to the diminishing number of service requests for PCs. 

The warranty process for MacBook repair and other fixes can be daunting to many consumers. Apple has certain steps in place to determine whether a customer's warranty will cover a MacBook screen replacement or other repairs, Norman Chan wrote for Tested. Apple's inspectors use a dent detection tool on the outside of broken devices sent in to be fixed. If an indentation is found, the company rules that the malfunction is due to user damage and considers the warranty void, as the dent could be the cause of any internal malfunctions.

People who allowed the warranties on their laptops to expire or who cannot afford to pay shipping costs may seek out MacBook repair services from a third party. Companies like iResQ that fix broken MacBooks and sell refurbished laptops can find a niche in a market dominated by firms that offer deep discounts on new equipment.

“I see tablets and smartphones taking over for everyday basic tasks,” laptop repairman Jason Percival said in an interview with The Scranton Times-Tribune. “You still need personal computers for program development and content creation, but it has become more of a laptop environment for most-case scenarios. There's not really much of a difference in speed with laptops. People like to be on the move. They like the portability of it. Older clients like laptops because when they are on vacation they can take laptops with them.”

MacBooks beat slumping sales
Global PC shipments fell to 75.6 million units in the second quarter of 2013, representing an 11.7 percent drop from the same period last year, according to the International Data Corporation. The slump also affected many laptop manufacturers, who reduced their shipments of liquid crystal display panels to 12.9 million in June, down from 19.3 million last year, according to LAPTOP Magazine. Companies often order LCD screens as they prepare to launch new products, but weak PC sales have left manufacturers with large surpluses.

In contrast to the struggles of PC manufacturers, Apple's panel purchases rose by 76 percent to 1.8 million during the same time frame, indicating strong sales numbers. The continued success of Apple's laptops promises to benefit firms like iResQ that offer MacBook repair services.

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