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Accidents can occur in an instant and cause MacBook keyboard issues that are costly to fix. Certain issues are unrelated to anything you have done. Check out the following for more information covering common complications that cause MacBook keyboards to malfunction.

Liquid Spill

Common sense dictates that you would keep liquids away from your laptop to avoid any spills. In actuality, damage to keyboards through liquid spills occur more frequently than other accidents. You know the scenario. You’re typing along, reach over to grab something, and knock your drink all over your keyboard. The best thing to do is to disconnect it from the power source and turn it off immediately. Hold the power button down to completely shut it down.

Newer models have internal batteries and do not allow you to pull out the battery. However, if you have a MacBook with a removable battery, then take it out. Dry off all the liquid with a towel. Flip it upside down and gently set it on a towel to allow any liquid to drip out from under the keys.

Use a fan or a blow dryer—without heat— to create airflow to aid in a faster drying time. Once it has had ample time (at least a couple of days) to dry, take it to the Apple store or to an Apple certified technician for analysis.

Unresponsive Keyboard and Track pad

Sometimes, the keyboard and track pad become completely unresponsive. If you have recently dropped or spilled liquid on your MacBook, this can cause this problem. However, often it is due to a malfunction in the hardware or age, and will need to be completely replaced.

Mouse Keys

Incidentally, some users need to use the functionality of Mouse Keys, which allows them to use the keyboard to control their pointer in OS X. Unfortunately; this renders your keyboard’s full features useless. If you inadvertently enable them, simply press the Option key five times to disable them.

Swollen Battery

A swollen MacBook battery will cause malfunctioning of the keyboard and track pad. Swollen batteries occur as a result of old age, manufacturing defects, and most often misuse. If you use the incorrect power cord or do not unplug your MacBook, then you run the risk of overcharging the battery. Batteries need an opportunity to drain; otherwise the battery may negatively react by producing heat. The gasses inside the battery expand, forcing the battery to swell. If you suspect you have a swollen battery, contact a MacBook repair shop immediately. They have the proper resources to safely remove and dispose of the battery.

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