MacBook Air: a green computing option

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Your MacBook Air isn’t just easy to carry – it’s also easy on the environment. That’s the verdict from a report by environmental certification organization EPEAT, which recently tested the Apple notebook, along with ultrathin options from other manufacturers.

Due to their unibody designs, many ultrathin notebooks are difficult to take apart for upgrades or recycling, which is a key criterion for environmental friendliness in the EPEAT test. The organization noted “a high risk of non-compliance” among the devices, according to MacWorld. The difficulty of removing the batteries was also cited as a potential issue. However, all five products tested, including the MacBook Air, were in compliance with testing criteria.

While the rating quiets some suspicions that Apple is not committed to the environment, certain onlookers would like to see even more of an effort to cut down on waste.

“We should be able to make it as easy as possible to extend the life of our products,” Greenpeace senior IT analyst Casey Harrell told InformationWeek.

Fortunately, MacBook repair and upgrades from iResQ offer a great way to keep devices functional without having to buy new ones, cutting down on waste and helping the environment. Plus, we’re committed to being green by recycling batteries, defective parts and broken products.

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