MacBook Air 2013 edition does not play nice with Adobe PhotoShop

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Did you recently purchase a 2013 MacBook Air after getting excited about Apple's claims of its all-day battery life? Are you someone who also relies heavily on Adobe Photoshop? If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you may have noticed a few problems with Apple's newest consumer notebook. Its screen has been found to flicker harshly when you edit images with specific tools in PhotoShop, according to a recent MacRumors​ article.

The flickering issue is unique to the 2013 13 inch MacBook Air model, and it may be caused by a problem with the computer's GPU​, LCD driver circuits or video driver, as diagnosed by Adobe representative Chris Cox in an Adobe Forums post responding to reported issues. He also noted that using large brushes or resizing a cursor are the actions most likely to bring about the flicker issue.

If you have the newest MacBook Air, then you are likely running OS X Mountain Lion as its operating system. However, iTech Post also explored the flicker problem, suggesting that upgrading to the developer preview of the upcoming OS X Mavericks may resolve the flickering. In this case, this could mean that the issue could actually be with the MacBook Air's software. Unfortunately, the finished version of OS X Mavericks will not be officially rolled out to the general public until fall 2013.

MacRumors suggests that it could simply be an error with specific batches of the newest MacBook Air, noting that the new chips in the MacBook Air have also struggled in some cases with Wi-Fi connectivity. For now, this means that users may need to have their devices examined and analyzed for possible repair. IResQ is a leader in MacBook repair and other Apple hardware, and it has a staff of expert technicians who can help with situations like this one.

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